With a rich history of empowering countless individuals and organizations over the years, Empowertunity has emerged as a trusted leader in the field of talent development, consistently delivering exceptional results and driving positive change.

Tradition of ExcellenceStart as Clients
Finish as Family

The firm begins by asking the right questions to get to know their clients on a personal level. They learn about their goals, their values, and their ideal outcomes. With this information, the firm is able to develop a tailored approach that meets the client’s needs. They build trust by being transparent and honest with their clients, and they follow through on their promises. The firm consistently goes above and beyond to deliver results that exceed expectations. As a result, their clients are happy to recommend the firm to their friends, family, and colleagues. The firm has a strong reputation for being the best in the business, and they are known for their ability to build long-lasting relationships with their clients.


Empowertunity was started to simply help people, teams, and organizations who wanted to be better. We started by helping people with their wellness goals and professional growth plans. We soon began to help teams with communication and developement. As the clients came, so did the ask, and Empowertunity built their team around the needs of those who simply wanted to to improve. The business has grown into a successful consulting firm that treats its clients like family. The firm’s employees are connected through shared interest and push eachother forward with their own aspirations. They share the same values of helping others and giving back to the community. Empowertunity’s clients are its top priority, and it shows in the quality of service they receive. The firm takes the time to get to know its clients and their families, and it designs its services to meet their specific needs. The firm’s goal is to help its clients achieve their dreams, and it has succeeded in doing so for many years.

A mission becomes your constitution, the solid expression of your vision.
Client Satisfaction96%
Client Referral Rate 95%
Business Uprise97%
Projects Success92%


Fall 2015

An Idea is Born

The first training session, “The Power of Mindset on Productivity in the Workplace” has a total of 70 attendees over 3 sessions.  A blending of information on positive psychology, mindset, attitude, and approach to work created a captivating session filled with “ah ha” moments and thunderous applause.   


Spring 2016

Trainings Diversify

Offerings of workshops grow, with an emphasis on workplace wellness and stress reduction. Attendees send consistent feedback that strategies learned have improved their work/life balance and they feel they are more productive in the workplace.


Winter 2017

Team Starts Growing

Dr. Kaman Hung joins the mission of improving organizations and brings a rich background in leadership development, team building and workplace productivity enhancement.  Co-facilitation becomes part of programming for larger groups which helps build offerings for a more diverse client base.



Spring 2018

Leadership, Leadership, and More Leadership

Leadership becomes the dominant client need. Individual client coaching is in high demand, and more organizations are looking for leadership development programs.  We rise to the occasion and bring our research based approach to the work with our clients.  Better leaders create better work environments, and the feedback received supports this.


Spring 2019

Our Team Loves Team Building

Team building has always been a staple for our team.  The pair of consultants leading these sessions both have formal education in team building and experiential learning.  As demand and size of groups seeking this support grew, the experiences and debriefing tools did as well.  Customized content became so aligned to the clients, feedback said nothing short of, “They not only helped us reach out goals, but we couldn’t believe how tuned into our every need was.”



Summer 2020

A Virtual World of Supporting Our Clients

With the world on its head, we never slowed down.  Being technologically sophisticated was always part of the skills we built in our team.  Any tool clients wanted to use, Google Meet, ZOOM, Live Virtual Polling, Jamboard, Slido, WebX, Breakout Rooms, Word Garden, and even a few of our own secrets….we were ready!  Engaging and interactive were the two most common responses to our online work.  Some clients even shared that it felt as close to being in person as you could get.  We were proud of rising to the times when our clients needed us the most.



Fall 2022

Options are Plentiful

We love remote, we want hybrid, we only come to the office, is flexible an option?  The options are never ending, and we are ready to support them all.  Need us remotely, in person, travel to your retreat…..the answer is YES!  As the options for interacting with our clients have grown, so have our offerings and support.  



Summer 2023

The Next Level

It’s been 8 years since the first training session. Additional team members have joined our efforts, we have diversified our offerings, we make learning part of our culture, and we live the mission of strong leadership, developed teams, and employee wellness create a culture where people want to be.  We live it, so we can train it!   Our growth has set the stage for the deployment of our engaging website where people and organizations can find what they need in their efforts for personal and team development, improved wellness, and culture that is second to none! 


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