About Reginald

My work is grounded in empathy. If I can put myself in the shoes of the client, I can combine my skills and knowledge with a genuine understanding of what my clients need.

“Don’t just survive and settle, thrive and be at your best.”

Who is Reginald?
He is a highly accomplished and dedicated corporate talent and educational consultant. With his extensive experience and expertise, Reginald excels in empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential, driving growth and success.


  • Minimizing/eliminating imposter syndrome
  • Transitioning productively into new environments
  • Time management
  • Accountability
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Talent development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Keynote speaking

Why Empowertunity?
Empowertunity represents Reginald’s core philosophy and approach to his work. He believes that by empowering individuals and organizations, the possibilities for growth and success become limitless. Reginald is passionate about fostering an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, and through his consultancy services, he strives to create a culture of empowerment and excellence.

Formal Education:

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) Counseling Psychology – College Student Personnel Administration, James Madison University
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Political Science and Government, Ball State University

Reginald Ryder is a seasoned educator, student success coach, and talent development consultant, known for his expertise in empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential. With a diverse background in higher education and corporate training, Reginald brings a unique perspective to his work, focusing on driving excellence and growth in the corporate world. He combines his deep understanding of adult learning principles with his passion for coaching and mentorship to help individuals thrive in their educational journeys.

Reginald’s talent development journey extends beyond higher education. As the founder of Thriving Life Coaching LLC, Reginald offers customized coaching and consulting services to corporate clients, focusing on maximizing individual and team performance. He partners with organizations to design and deliver training programs that enhance leadership skills, improve employee engagement, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development. Reginald honed his expertise in guiding students and professionals through personal and academic challenges, while also facilitating life skills courses and overseeing counseling programs.

Reginald’s dedication to talent development extends to his work as an Adjunct Professor of College Development, teaching College Success Skills at Northern Virginia Community College. In this role, he equips first-year college students with the necessary skills to navigate the corporate landscape and thrive in their academic and professional endeavors.

Reginald is also a published author, with his book “Passing The Baton – A Guide and Memoir of College Success” offering valuable insights and strategies for individuals transitioning from high school to the corporate world. Drawing on his own experiences as a first-generation college student and his years of expertise in talent development, Reginald provides practical advice on achieving success in the professional realm.


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Reginald Ryder

Reginald is not only a multitasking maestro, successfully juggling five different tasks with precision, but fun fact...he's a twin and can even throw pizza dough!
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